Alright Chef!

I learnt recently that if you have run your own restaurant you’ve earned the right to be called “chef” by your peers – it’s a matter of respect; even if it is a bit confusing in a kitchen full of “chefs”!

Why was I surrounded by culinary creators? It was a commission for Compass Group who were completely revamping their corporate website, and they needed new portraits of their executive chefs.

For a few days my nostrils were filled with the aroma of spicy, tangy and sweet food, and my stomach rumbled and growled, as we travelled to various kitchens in and around London, setting up lights and trying to stay out the way of the very busy kitchen staff. I’m guessing the lack of Gordon Ramsey-esque profanities hurled in our direction meant that we managed it, or maybe they were just too busy to care!

Oh, and I also learnt that doing the cooking at home doesn’t earn you the right to be called chef….


Big Chef Andrew


Big Chef Andrew and the Big Green Egg


Wandering the streets.

Okay, I’ve been away; I’m sorry. I’ve spent most of the time out and about exploring the streets. It’s been fun, although my feet haven’t always agreed. I’ve met some great people and photographed most of them. I’ve also been surreptitious; I’ve been doing some street photography and below are some of the results.

Please enjoy and as Arnie said – I’ll be back.


On The Receiving End

Chertsey Artists are a very talented bunch of artists who run a variety of workshops and art sessions from their studios in Chertsey. However their premises are under threat of redevelopment and they contacted me to help underline what they do for the community and the arts, to see if the development could be avoided or a new home could be found. As well as creating portraits of some of the artist in their studios, I attended some of their portrait sessions to capture the artists at work, which you can see below.

However this did mean I had put myself in the firing line and was cajoled in to sitting for one of the portrait sessions. Sitting still was my main concern but somehow I managed it. You can see the resulting portraits at the end of this post.

Kurn_160102_0356 Kurn_160102_0373 Kurn_160102_0394 Kurn_160102_0454 Kurn_160128_0821 Kurn_160128_0839 Kurn_160128_0858 Kurn_160128_0861 Kurn_160128_0871Doug Kurn_160206_3181 Kurn_160206_3182 Kurn_160206_3180