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Imagine getting to your 40’s before taking part in your first triathlon, winning it and then going on to represent Team GB in the age group triathlon. That’s what happened to Thalia Hessey, who Surrey Life Magazine commissioned me to create an environmental portrait of for their feature on her and her achievements.

I met Thalia and the editor on location at Buckland Park Lake where Thalia arrived with her Team GB kit already on. We were shooting in the middle of the day and the sun was out and high, so not ideal lighting conditions for a portrait. I also had to photograph her by the lake where there was no cover to mask her from the sun, but luckily my Elinchrom Ranger battery powered lights had enough power to open up the shadows and reduce their harshness.

Environmental portrait of Team GB triathlete Thalia Hessey at Buckland Park Lake in Betchworh, Surrey. Photo by Douglas Kurn
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So what’s this all about then?

Well hopefully this will end up as a lot of interesting, inspiring and occasionally humorous collection of posts, pictures and links. There will be some stuff about what I am up to as well as things that I have seen or been inspired by, and occasionally some things that have actually made me laugh out loud.

I hope you’ll enjoy it.