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Take A View

I heard recently that two of my Spirit of Brooklands images have been shortlisted for the Landscape Photographer of the Year competition, which means that they will be exhibited at the National Theatre in London in November, and will appear in the associated book that is published by the organisers.

I entered the inaugural competition in 2007 and this image of Sandbags on Portobello Beach was awarded the Highly Commended category, and appeared in the Sunday Times Magazine article about the competition. I was asked at the time what the sandbags were about and said I had no idea, and that I had just found them lying on the beach. The day after the article appeared in the Sunday Times I got a call from Jephson Robb (, a Scottish artist who said that the sandbags were part of his art installation for Big Things on the Beach (, a public art trust in Portobello, Edinburgh. The sandbags were filled by the local people and then three pyramids were built from the filled sandbags.

Unfortunately I never got to see the final installation as it had been taken down by the time I found out about it, but there are plenty of photos on their website.

Sandbags on Portobello Beach

Photography at Night – excuse the vanity!

As  you may know I have been working on a project which involves night photography (more about this soon) and once everything is set-up (which takes a while in the dark), this usually involves very long exposure times. I am often asked what I do during these protracted periods of time. Well you can see below that I behave like a tourist and have my photo taken with attractions like Concorde:

And occasionally I hang around with fast cars:

Or just loiter hoping to be recognised:

Binary People

Digital camera technology allows us to see incredible levels of detail in the images that we make. However the microprocessor is a binary device that only sees two state data – it’s just 0 or 1, true or false, black or white. Binary People is an ongoing personal project that consists of a set of photographic portraits in profile, using only black or white, but still revealing the unique features of the individuals.

Here are some images from this project – you can see more on the main web site.

So what’s this all about then?

Well hopefully this will end up as a lot of interesting, inspiring and occasionally humorous collection of posts, pictures and links. There will be some stuff about what I am up to as well as things that I have seen or been inspired by, and occasionally some things that have actually made me laugh out loud.

I hope you’ll enjoy it.