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Edition 365 Awards & Exhibition

I’m super excited to announce that not one but two of my photos have been selected as part of the Edition 365 Awards, run by the British Journal Of Photography. Edition 365 is a historical award that was conceived to capture one day of every single day for a whole year starting on 11th March 2020, which was the day that the World Health Organisation (WHO) officially declared a global pandemic as a result of COVID-19.

The crescent of the moon above the chimney pots of a house. This image is from the project Lockdown:LookUp, a series of photographs created during the first national Coronavirus pandemic lockdown in England during 2020, which focusses on the environmental effect of living under the normally busy Heathrow flightpath. Photo by Douglas Kurn
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Portrait Salon

I sometimes question myself and my reasoning when I am out and about shooting personal work (that’s work I shoot just for myself with no third party brief and, no pay). It usually involves people I’ve met or approached who I think would make for an interesting portrait. My self doubt arises, usually when it’s cold, dark, wet and miserable and I’m lugging my gear around on my own (which I do for most of my personal work – it keeps me grounded by reminding me what it’s like to be an assistant again). It’s often further exacerbated when my subject asks me why I want to take their photo and what am I going to do with it? The very lovely Mrs Griffiths even went as far as to say that I couldn’t be a very busy photographer as nobody would want to buy her picture!

Portrait of Mrs Griffiths, who was part of my 28 Days In February project.
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Life In A Dark Shed

I’ve often wandered past a tin shed behind some gates, and wondered what was inside. One day I went inside and met Trevor, who has worked there since the age of 14. His Father worked there too, up until 4 weeks before he passed away at the age of 94. With all the welding, drilling and cutting that goes on there is a lot of dust everywhere but Trevor says he is tidying it up. Whilst I was there we came across a letter from 1984, although Trevor said that he had found one from the 70’s recently!

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The AOP At 50

The Association Of Photographers (AOP), of which I am a member, is 50 years old this year and to commemorate they are holding an exhibition of images by past and current members from the 50 years of it’s existence. The AOP50 exhibition has been curated by editor and consultant Zelda Cheatle and includes images by Brian Duffy, Terence Donovan, Anderson & Lowe, Simon Norfolk and Nadav Kander amongst many others. Wow! Where can you see this? Well the exhibition is currently on show with some big prints in the reception area of One Canada Square, Canary Wharf. And best of all – it’s free!

But wait there’s more; you can see an exhibition of current members work at the same venue on a screen in the reception area too, including my image called Sandbags On Portobello Beach (that’s Edinburgh if you don’t know), which even more fantastically is available as a limited edition print – get in touch for details or have a browse at what else is available here.

The exhibition runs until June 1st so don’t hang around…

Sandbags on Portobello Beach

AOP Awards Show

There was a fabulous buzz around the Old Truman Brewery on the opening night of the AOP Annual Awards. The quality of work on display was quite remarkable – not only from the Main Awards but also from the Open Awards, and the AOP Assistants Awards too. I had a lovely warm feeling from seeing my print on the wall with so many other great images (it might also have had something to do with the free beer).

AOP Awards Finalist Image

AOP Awards Finalist Image

The Awards themselves were presented by BBC London broadcaster Robert Elms (who sadly had his bike stolen from outside the BBC that day!) who called photographers “thieves of light, Wizards and alchemists”, and said it is a tremendous thing “to be able to salute the professionals of this industry”. You can watch a video of the Awards presentation here (my image flashes up on screen around 9:34 if you’re interested).

Next up is the Portrait Salon exhibition which is taking place at The Embassy Tea Gallery in London from November 19th – 22nd. I’m overseas for the opening night but will back in time to make it to the exhibition.

Art, moving house, an exhibition and the Beeb!

The BP Petrol Pagoda at Brooklands Museum, Brooklands Race Track at night.
What with moving house (and wondering if the people in that industry really know what they’re doing), organising my first major solo exhibition, and coping with work it’s been a busy time. The exhibition was at Brooklands Museum in Weybridge and was of my night photographs of the Brooklands race track, which was a great place to have it. I received some tremendous feedback including from people who wouldn’t normally visit art galleries.

Some of the prints can be seen again at the Windsor Contemporary Art Fair in the Windsor Race Course Grandstand on November 9th and 10th, so if you’re interested get in touch as I have some 2 for 1 tickets available. It’s usually a very laid back affair with some fabulous art on display.

Also the BBC have featured The Spirit of Brooklands on their website, and not to be outdone, Top Gear have also run a feature. It’s amazing what appearing on the BBC does for hits to your website!

I’ll be posting some new work soon so it will seem like feast or famine when it comes to my blog posts!


The Roar of the Engines

It’s been a good first couple of weeks for the exhibition at Brooklands Museum, with my prints being enthusiastically received. Many of the comments have mentioned how peaceful and serene the images look, and how they capture the very essence of their time.

The annual Brooklands Double Twelve saw over 5,000 visitors visit the museum during the weekend, and they were treated to lots of motor sport activity, with speed trials and driving skill tests on the Mercedes Benz World test track.





There were some enthusiastic cadets who decided that they wanted to challenge themselves by pulling a car (with driver) up the Brooklands Test Hill, which gets gradually steeper before reaching 1 in 4 at the top!



A week or so later was the Henry Surtees Foundation Brooklands Team Challenge, which saw several teams enter a 2 hour endurance Go-Kart race around the Mercedes Benz world Test track. Just prior to the race the museum started up their Napier Railton and gave it a run round the test track. The Napier Railton is fitted with a 24 Litre Aero engine which has a rated BHP of 530! Oh and it weighs just over 2 tons, and occasionally needs to be bump started!! I’d like to see the cadets try and put that up the Test Hill!



Once the Go-Kart race got under way I was struck again by the noise that went on during the testing and racing of all these motor vehicles, and thought back to the night when I took this shot of the Campbell Circuit which runs alongside the Mercedes Benz Test track, and the mood that visitors have commented that my images convey. It felt like a different world.

Campbell Circuit 4

Exhibition at Brooklands Museum

I’m very excited to announce that the Spirit of Brooklands project is is being exhibited at Brooklands Museum, officially opening this Saturday (June 15th) to coincide with the biggest event in the museum’s calendar, the annual Double Twelve weekend. There will be a number of the prints on display in the art gallery in the Clubhouse, all of which are for sale with 30% of the takings being donated to the museum.

It’s a great day out, especially if you have kids. They have the first Concorde ever to travel at Mach 2 in the museum and trips aboard can be booked, which is worth doing. They also have the old scale model Concorde that used to sit on the roundabout on the way in to Heathrow Airport, now sitting at the entrance to Brooklands Museum and Mercedes Benz World.


The exhibition runs for 6 weeks, so there’s plenty of time to head down there and check it out!

Brooklands Online at the AOP

I’m very excited to announce that the Association of Photographers (AOP) will be showing my Spirit of Brooklands project as part of it’s online series of members exhibitions. The exhibition will run from May 9th until June 5th and further details can be found at the AOP site.

The AOP have chosen this image of the Clubhouse as the lead image for the promotion, and it was actually the last image that I photographed in the entire series, thanks to a nudge from the editor of the Brooklands Trust Magazine! I quite like the way the lights and stairs look like the headlights and grill on the front of a car.

The Brooklands Clubhouse

The Brooklands Clubhouse

There’s been a fair amount of publicity for the event so far including online coverage by the London Evening Standard, 55 Baker Street, LondonTown, and

I will shortly be announcing another exhibition of prints at the Brooklands Museum so watch this space!

Art Fair

Things have been a bit quiet on the blog lately but that doesn’t mean I have. In November I am taking part in the Windsor Contemporary Art Fair at Windsor Race Course (, and will be showing for the first time some of the Brooklands night shots, as well as some other prints from the archive. There will be a couple of 44″ prints from Brooklands, which I must say do look really quite impressive!

The Private View is on Friday November 9th from 6-9pm and the show is open to the public from 10am – 5pm on Saturday and Sunday, and on the Sunday there is a wine fair “running” at the race course too. Get in touch if you want an invite to the Private View (this also gives you half price entry on the other days).

One of the prints on sale at Windsor