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The M25 Motor Wey

I’m often asked where I find my subjects for some of my personal portraits; the answer is simple – if I see someone interesting I go up and ask them! Take Chas for instance; I have regularly cycled past his long boat on the Wey Navigation just underneath the M25 motorway bridge, and often thought he would probably make a great subject, but the problem was his boat was on the other side of the canal so it was difficult to make contact with him.

Chas’ boat moored on the Wey Navigation under the M25.

Life In A Dark Shed

I’ve often wandered past a tin shed behind some gates, and wondered what was inside. One day I went inside and met Trevor, who has worked there since the age of 14. His Father worked there too, up until 4 weeks before he passed away at the age of 94. With all the welding, drilling and cutting that goes on there is a lot of dust everywhere but Trevor says he is tidying it up. Whilst I was there we came across a letter from 1984, although Trevor said that he had found one from the 70’s recently!

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Portraits of Runnymede

I have started a new project in collaboration with Chertsey museum to photograph many different people in Runnymede for an exhibition being held in the museum from October 2016. The idea is just to create some great images whilst capturing the people in Runnymede. Everybody who gets photographed will be included in the exhibition. I have set up a separate blog where a lot of the images will be released periodically and you can follow it here.

I’ll provide updates about the progress and the exhibition on both blogs to keep everyone happy.

This is Roger.

Roger, Chertsey

Roger, Chertsey