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George & The Dancers

How do you celebrate St George’s Day? The Ewell St Mary’s Morris Men don their outfits and head up to the City Of London to entertain all and sundry, and this year I followed them around for the day whilst they danced, sang, shook their bells and quaffed ale! What could be more English than grown men wearing daft hats and having a thoroughly good time in the midst of the UK’s major finance and business centre? There were crowds, selfies in abundance, as well as confused and bemused tourists, and the odd, far too self important, grumpy businessman.

One of the Morris Men even had to earn his Ewell St Mary’s rosette by performing a dance on his own in front of the public; the dance of course was choreographed by one of the other Morris Men and involved lots of running around, jumping and even pirouetting!

And as with everything the Morris Men do, they ended up in the pub. St George would have been proud…

Wandering the streets.

Okay, I’ve been away; I’m sorry. I’ve spent most of the time out and about exploring the streets. It’s been fun, although my feet haven’t always agreed. I’ve met some great people and photographed most of them. I’ve also been surreptitious; I’ve been doing some street photography and below are some of the results.

Please enjoy and as Arnie said – I’ll be back.


Olympic Must See

If you’re in London during the Olympics, please take time to visit photographer Tom Stoddart’s Perspectives exhibition. It is free to visit and is at MoreLondon right by the Mayor of London’s office and near to Tower Bridge and the Tower of London.

I went to see it yesterday and was extremely moved by the power of the images and the stories that they tell. It’s hard to imagine that these situations occur to everyday people who just happen to be born in a different part of the world to you and I.

The website is here – http://78perspectives.com/ but please do visit in person if you are anywhere near.