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Carlo’s Italian Delicatessen

Carlo’s is a real family run business, that opened in 1987 supplying a range of primarily Italian products including meats, cheeses, wines and other grocery products. Lunch time is particularly busy serving grilled panini and Italian coffee, and I love the panettone! There is a strong Italian community in Chertsey and sometimes you could be forgiven for thinking you were in Italy when the regulars come in and start talking in their native tongue.

Carlo and Maria’s three sons Rosario, Robbie and Alex all work in the shop with their parents.

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House Of Flowers

The House Of Flowers has been a florists for over 30 years, although Sam took it over at the height of the financial crash in the noughties, but as she says she’s known no different, so business is always good! This portrait is of Danni and Sam after a busy morning, working on a large order.


The Green Shop

The Green Shop has been in Chertsey for about 20 years selling a wide range of stationery, hardware and gifts. Nicky worked for the previous owner before taking over The Green Shop, which was previously a couple of doors further down Guildford Street. As you can see the shop is quite literally packed with all sorts of products!


Roberts The Butcher

Continuing my series of portraits of independent shopkeepers in Chertsey, this one is Ian of Roberts The Butcher. Roberts has been in Chertsey for 30 years, although when Ian took over the lease he found accounts books for the butchers dating back to 1904, and Roberts still serve one of the families listed in those accounts!

Apparently, back then, butchers never used to sell poultry and quite a few would only deal in pork.