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Festival Folk

I’m a music lover and an avid people watcher, and with the festival season well and truly upon us (does it actually ever end?) I was reminded that I took some time out last year at the BST Festival in Hyde Park, where we’d gone to watch primarily The Cure, and grabbed some candid shots of the festival goers.

The BST Festival at Hyde Park, 2018, featuring The Cure, Interpol, Editors, Ride, Goldfrapp and Slow Dive.
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Some “behind the scenes” stuff

There’s been all sorts of things going on lately, including some personal work using actors which I’ll be posting details of over the next few weeks. But I thought I would re-kindle (if that’s not a trade marked expression nowadays) my blogging spirit by posting some stuff and nonsense from a variety of my shoots.

Imagine the scene – you’re setting up on a shoot and the lights don’t fire, so you check that the camera’s on, that the radio slave is properly attached, and that it is on the same channel as the receiver, test the shutter release, and get a photo of…… an (out of focus) light stand:


Once you’ve got the lights firing consistently it’s time to check the lighting, but in the absence of any subject you have to improvise and use…… your hand:


When your subject shows up it’s important to help them relax with some of those Gretag Macbeth moments:


“It’s no good hiding behind there, I can see you…”

“Who me?”


“Perhaps it might help you to relax if you imagine you’re leaning against a bar?”


“That’s a very high bar!”

“You’re expression is quite blank……..”


“….. can you be a bit more pensive?”

“That’s better.”

“You’re looking quite skinny – can you make yourself look bigger?”


And that moment when the photographer says for the umpteenth time “Just one more shot…”


Sign Of The Times

Had a few days away and kept seeing signs that amused me. Here’s a selection:

British Spirit

The Association of Photographers (AOP) is hosting an online group exhibition of members work to show what Great Britain has to offer in the context of this summer’s Jubilee and Olympic celebrations. The AOP curator has chosen one of my images to be in the exhibition, which runs from July 19th to September 12th. Here are 2 images that didn’t make it in, and I’ll put up the one that did on the Opening Night.

Photography at Night – excuse the vanity!

As  you may know I have been working on a project which involves night photography (more about this soon) and once everything is set-up (which takes a while in the dark), this usually involves very long exposure times. I am often asked what I do during these protracted periods of time. Well you can see below that I behave like a tourist and have my photo taken with attractions like Concorde:

And occasionally I hang around with fast cars:

Or just loiter hoping to be recognised:

Spider Awards

I’ve just discovered that this photo was awarded Nominee status at this years Black and White Spider Awards – that’s the first time I’ve had success with the Spider Awards, although I have managed to get 3 other photographs nominated in their sister awards – The Photography Masters Cup.