Festival Folk

I’m a music lover and an avid people watcher, and with the festival season well and truly upon us (does it actually ever end?) I was reminded that I took some time out last year at the BST Festival in Hyde Park, where we’d gone to watch primarily The Cure, and grabbed some candid shots of the festival goers.

The BST Festival at Hyde Park, 2018, featuring The Cure, Interpol, Editors, Ride, Goldfrapp and Slow Dive.

Music fans come in all shapes, sizes and T-shirts, but they’re all united in their love of music (and the odd drink too), and I find it endlessly fascinating how different we all are, but how we can still all have a common passion.

It was very hot that day so not everyone kept their T-shirts on but my favourite (which turned out to be from a Radio station called Decay FM) was “I LOVE YOU BUT I’VE CHOSEN SHOEGAZE”…