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Lockdown:Look Up

How did you spend the Lockdown? I spent it looking up – not in a life affirming, positive way, but quite literally looking up – at the skies above me. Living under the Heathrow flightpath this would normally result in seeing loads of planes, but with air travel severely curtailed there was so much more to see; birds, clouds, helicopters, moons, super moons, and more clouds.

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I Saw On The Seashore

I love the seaside – almost regardless of the weather, which has been just as well this summer! There’s something in the air, apart from salt and the smell of seaweed. People seem to change when they are at the seaside; they become more relaxed and develop a sense of play.

I visited several beaches on the South Coast to try and capture that sense of play. It was a tough job visiting beaches on sunny days but I had to take it on. Taking some inspiration from JS Lowry I created images where the people were small and indistinguishable but their sense of involvement with the sea was clear.

Now if I could just sell my prints for the same price as Lowry…

Back At Brooklands

Brooklands Museum has received funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund to help towards their aim of re-engineering Brooklands. This involves moving the Bellman Hangar, which is currently located on the Finishing Straight of the Motor Racing Circuit, off of the circuit and reinterpreting it as the aircraft factory.

It was suggested to me by the museum that it would be good to have before and after photographs of the hangar shot in a similar vein to the night shots that formed part of my Spirit Of Brooklands Project and book. Never one to shy away from standing alone in the dark I took up the challenge and here is the final image, with the Finishing Straight in the foreground.

It will be a while before the hangar is moved but when it is I’ll be back, so to speak.

Bellman Hangar, Brooklands Museum

Bellman Hangar, Brooklands Museum

Brooklands Book Now Available

I am delighted to announce that I have managed to produce a book about my Brooklands project. The book is available as a hard back book with a dust cover, and contains all the images from my web site plus some previously unpublished shots, along with details and anecdotes about the project. The book is available from Blurb, the print in demand publisher, and is also available as an ebook. The retail price for the printed book is £59.95 plus shipping, but Blurb are offering various discounts in the run up to Christmas (currently 30%). I have also acquired a limited number of books at a reduced rate (£39.95) and have made them available to order through my web site. Stocks are limited so when they’re gone they’re gone!

Brooklands Book

The War of the Worlds

I recently went to Horsell Common, where the Martians first landed on Earth according to the H.G. Wells novel The War Of The Worlds, which was quite brilliantly put to music by Jeff Wayne. It was a cold and frosty day, but the light was lovely and I managed to get these shots. Three of them are available as signed limited edition Giclée prints on my Print Sales website.

I had to wait and wait for the light to change – suddenly a beam of light shone out across the common. I had to act fast – the chances of anything coming from Mars are a million to one he said, But Still They Come….

Horsell Common 2

Horsell Common 2

Horsell Common 4

Horsell Common 4

Horsell Common

Horsell Common

Horsell Common 3

Horsell Common 3

Close To Home

As you may be aware I moved last year to Chertsey, which has been in the news a lot lately due to the flooding caused by the River Thames. My house is far enough away from the Thames to have escaped the flooding that has caused, although we also have the River Bourne and River Abbey much closer to us that have both flooded too. Again we have so far remained just out of reach. As it is something (I hope) we won’t see again I took the opportunity to create some images. Most of these were taken between the peaks of flooding, but it gives you an idea of what Mother Nature is capable of.











Free Prae Park

Free Prae Park

Overflowing Drain

Overflowing Drain


Dumpsey Meadow as seen from Chertsey Meads

Dumpsey Meadow as seen from Chertsey Meads

Rain Stops Play

Rain Stops Play

River Abbey

River Abbey

Art, moving house, an exhibition and the Beeb!

The BP Petrol Pagoda at Brooklands Museum, Brooklands Race Track at night.
What with moving house (and wondering if the people in that industry really know what they’re doing), organising my first major solo exhibition, and coping with work it’s been a busy time. The exhibition was at Brooklands Museum in Weybridge and was of my night photographs of the Brooklands race track, which was a great place to have it. I received some tremendous feedback including from people who wouldn’t normally visit art galleries.

Some of the prints can be seen again at the Windsor Contemporary Art Fair in the Windsor Race Course Grandstand on November 9th and 10th, so if you’re interested get in touch as I have some 2 for 1 tickets available. It’s usually a very laid back affair with some fabulous art on display.

Also the BBC have featured The Spirit of Brooklands on their website, and not to be outdone, Top Gear have also run a feature. It’s amazing what appearing on the BBC does for hits to your website!

I’ll be posting some new work soon so it will seem like feast or famine when it comes to my blog posts!


Exhibition at Brooklands Museum

I’m very excited to announce that the Spirit of Brooklands project is is being exhibited at Brooklands Museum, officially opening this Saturday (June 15th) to coincide with the biggest event in the museum’s calendar, the annual Double Twelve weekend. There will be a number of the prints on display in the art gallery in the Clubhouse, all of which are for sale with 30% of the takings being donated to the museum.

It’s a great day out, especially if you have kids. They have the first Concorde ever to travel at Mach 2 in the museum and trips aboard can be booked, which is worth doing. They also have the old scale model Concorde that used to sit on the roundabout on the way in to Heathrow Airport, now sitting at the entrance to Brooklands Museum and Mercedes Benz World.


The exhibition runs for 6 weeks, so there’s plenty of time to head down there and check it out!

Take A View

I heard recently that two of my Spirit of Brooklands images have been shortlisted for the Landscape Photographer of the Year competition, which means that they will be exhibited at the National Theatre in London in November, and will appear in the associated book that is published by the organisers.

I entered the inaugural competition in 2007 and this image of Sandbags on Portobello Beach was awarded the Highly Commended category, and appeared in the Sunday Times Magazine article about the competition. I was asked at the time what the sandbags were about and said I had no idea, and that I had just found them lying on the beach. The day after the article appeared in the Sunday Times I got a call from Jephson Robb (, a Scottish artist who said that the sandbags were part of his art installation for Big Things on the Beach (, a public art trust in Portobello, Edinburgh. The sandbags were filled by the local people and then three pyramids were built from the filled sandbags.

Unfortunately I never got to see the final installation as it had been taken down by the time I found out about it, but there are plenty of photos on their website.

Sandbags on Portobello Beach