Split The Difference

How brave are you? Would you recommend that someone attend an anger management course? What if that someone was holding an axe? That’s what a former boss suggested to my latest subject Clay – before he left and set up his own business – as a tree surgeon, hence the axe. His leaving was more to do with paperwork and the safety ‘elf than anger management though.

Despite how that sounds Clay is a remarkably mild mannered man and a bell ringer at the local church in his spare time. He also lives in this beautiful old listed cottage in the heart of Surrey.

When I was photographing him Clay was chopping logs for a fire, which he usually only does for himself nowadays, but these were destined for the local Vicar because “When the Vicar asks it’s difficult to say no.” With an attitude like that it’s hard to imagine anyone recommending anger management to him, although he does split those logs very easily…

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