Icons Of Rock

I’ll be honest I’ve never really understood why someone would want to dress up and pretend to be someone else so when a (last minute) opportunity to photograph the inaugural Icons Of Rock festival in Surrey presented itself I jumped at the chance to find out. The festival was a line up of Tribute Acts to famous musicians; Limehouse Lizzy (Thin Lizzy), Michael (Jackson) starring Ben, Absolute Bowie, The Illegal Eagles, Live/Wire (AC/DC) and Killer Queen.

There were delays getting in (my pass wasn’t in the right place) so I only heard Limehouse Lizzy but there is something quite comforting hearing hit tunes from a band that no longer exists. The number of people who braved the rain to come and see the tributes was quite surprising to me, but came they did armed with brollies and waterproofs, so what else could I do but photograph them as they enjoyed the festival, and I managed to get some shots of the Michael Jackson and David Bowie tribute on stage before I had to head off to another event in the evening.

The performances were quite remarkable as each tribute band were all very capable musicians in their own right, and they even dressed up accordingly. There was even a man in a leopard print suit wandering around pulling faces, and having his photo taken with the punters, who turned out to be a Keith Lemon tribute act, which was all a bit lost on me as I’ve never seen the actual Keith Lemon!

It would have been interesting to see the other acts too so might be back next year.