Trans-Atlantic Art Dealer

As well as commissioned photography I also sell limited edition prints. I’ve attended various art fairs over the years with mixed success, but the Internet has proved extremely useful for making sales without having to shell out for an expensive stand, pack everything up, hire a van, drive to the fair, unpack everything, hang it up, spend a number of days trying to hawk my wares, and at the end reversing the whole procedure!

Recently I received an enquiry for the sort after Yacht In A Storm print from America via the internet, and after hurriedly working out the price to ship it to the USA I received my first Trans-Atlantic order, which was particularly poignant as the yacht in the photograph was in the North Atlantic Ocean.

I was on holiday at the time and was stood looking out at the Ocean where I could see a storm heading inland, it was all dark skies and brooding clouds, and I could see the rain hammering into the surface of the sea. Then I caught site of this tiny boat making its way through the storm. When I raised my camera to my eye I realised that it was a sailing yacht using the wind to help it through the storm; man using the elements to save himself from the elements. I managed 3 or 4 shots before the rain reached me and I took refuge back in the car parked nearby.

It was when I got back and saw what I had captured that I realised that it was quite special and it was one of the first limited edition prints that I started to sell.

The prints are mostly Giclée prints that are created using archival grade pigmented ink sets. Each print is limited in numbers and individually numbered and signed by yours truly, and is issued with a signed certificate of authenticity.

Numbering and signing a limited edition print.

I’ve been selling prints for over 10 years now and the Brooklands series have been particularly popular, along with the images of the sea. Having made my first sale to America I guess that means I am now a Trans-Atlantic Art Dealer!

My first Trans-Atlantic print sale in-situ in Colorado, USA